Gentamu (Jen Jen ) McKinney

Author | Speaker | Alternative | Holistic Emotional Wellness Coach | Mental Health Advocate

L.A 's well-known mental health advocate and community curator Gentamu (Jen Jen ) McKinney now adds author to her title. In her new book "Keep Calm Bring Your Carry On", she brings your favorite travel experts and influencers of color from across the globe to talk candidly about the stigma of mental health in black communities around the world. She highlights mental health awareness through travel by erasing the guilt, shame, and stigma associated with exploring the world.

This is the in-flight tray table travel therapy book that will help you maintain your mental health as you experience life's unexpected delays and turbulence. This is the ultimate self-care guide for travelers of color filled with hilarious travel stories, jokes, tips and more. You will be educated and empowered!

Check out her interview on our YouTube channel.