Sand and Shores offers the following:

Communications & Public Relations

We partner with some of the best agencies and professionals to educate, train and consult businesses and organizations to help them tell their stories to their target audience and grow brand awareness through the media while building a strong reputation. We create content, write articles, draft media pitches and craft external communications. We can work with you on an ongoing basis with a monthly retainer or a project and event package. They are customized based on your needs. This includes social media management and brand activations.

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Coaching for Authors & Podcasters

We customize a coaching program to assist authors and podcasters through their unique journey to grow their brand recognition and build their audience. This includes media training and learning how to pitch yourself for opportunities.

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Leadership Consulting

We partner with niche leadership development firms and professionals to work with businesses and organizations to develop solutions for their teams.  We offer coaching, training, webinars, seminars, and keynotes to activate change and dynamic improvement in work relations. This includes infinity groups, DEI, conflict management, executive coaching, cultural competencies, and productivity.

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Leaders & Learners Podcast

Sand & Shores has a dedicated podcast. Host and founder, Tonya McKenzie speaks to organizational leaders, elected officials, artists, authors, and experts to talk about their stories, how they got to where they are and how they continue to learn and lead in their industry. Leaders & Learners Podcast has been in the top 100 of leadership podcasts for over 2 years now.

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Leaders & Communicators Community

We partner with niche leadership development firms and professionals to work with businesses and

Are you a communications or leadership professional looking to enhance your skills and make a meaningful impact? Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals where we share best practices, collaborate, and support each other’s growth. Together, we can excel in our roles and drive positive change in the organizations we serve. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with experts in the field. See you there!
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