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It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss Raykel Tolson’s latest work and thoughts on religion, real estate and real life. Book Title & Synopsis Why Are Church Folk Poor? Elevate Your Thoughts & Exercise Your Faith to Live an Abundant Life Why are people who love God, believe in the Bible, and…
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April 17, 2018 0

Author of the Week – Leonard Clifton, The Last Prince of Atlantis Chronicles

It was mind-blowing to speak with and get to know this week’s author, Mr. Clifton. His passion for the arts is beyond words. “I wanted the reality on top of the fantasy,” Leonard speaks on his real-life adventures in African and other travels that he blends well with the story that he has captured in…
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April 9, 2018 1

5 Ways To Stand Up For What You Believe In

Blog originally published: Everyday Power Blog 1. Stay informed and educated on the issue. In this day and age where things change more often than they stay the same, make sure that you stay abreast of any new developments concerning your issue and keeping those major talking points on top of mind. Continue to research the…
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October 2, 2017 1