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Dr. Daniel Walker, Author 

Available for speaking on higher education, diversity initiatives for schools and universities, visual and performing arts, and challenges within the education and business community for minorities within the United States.

 Carla Green, Owner, Clarity Design Works

Available for speaking about book design and development, authoring books, editing, and the process of self-publishing for new authors.

 Mark Cross Witherspoon, Director / Producer, & CEO of Deepcea Ent.

Available for speaking to discuss entertainment, writing and producing films, dynamic visual creation, creative movie making, movie money management, and “The Big Brand Breakthrough”.

 Phillip Scott, Founder and Creator of Advise Show Media

Available for speaking to discuss parental and family relationship dynamics, race relations and diversity, and YouTube/Social Media development.

 Noemi Lujan Perez, Founder and CEO of EcoDiversity Magazine

Available for speaking to discuss business and corporate diversity initiatives and government workforce relations specifically for Hispanic-Latino, African-American, Asian-American, American Indian, LGBT, and women audiences.