First-Ever ROI for Designer Runway Shows

Los Angeles, CA, March 26, 2018

Brandwood Global, Inc., a Los Angeles Based Entertainment Software Company and Vixi, a Culver City based Social Broadcast Display Company have teamed up to create a real-time interactive experience for the LA Fashion Week (LAFW) held from March 16-18, 2018 at NeueHouse in Hollywood, California.  After several successful years of running the show without an app or social integration at such a large scale, Arthur Chipman, the Executive Producer of the LA Fashion Week wanted to try something different.

“This is a fundamental shift in how audiences and events can create interactive experiences to engage, purchase and collaborate with technology to provide ROI to the Brands, Designers, and LA Fashion Week,” said Stephanie Weier, CEO and Co-Founder of Brandwood Global, which owns the Brandingo app.

The official LAFW mobile app by Brandwood Global was created to engage attendees as events unfolded live.  As the show progressed, the app would engage the attendees directly with relevant designer & event content, and an opportunity to engage directly with sponsor brands through direct sales and prizing opportunities.  With limited promotion, the app was downloaded hundreds of times and engaged attendees on-site and the live stream viewers at home.  In addition, Brandwood Global created enhanced brand engagement by gamifying social posts on Facebook for one of the event sponsors, a world leader in furniture design and distribution.  The LAFW Facebook post asked tag “friends who love fashion” for a chance to receive a free 3D design consultation. Those who tagged, were automatically engaged through Brandwood Global’s patent-pending social gamification technology.

The Vixi Social Broadcast Platform increased the event’s overall social reach by promoting the hashtag and displaying moderated social content in real-time. In addition, Vixi seamlessly integrated sponsor and designer materials in via its content playlist and video broadcast takeover system.  The Vixi platform provided not only social integration, but provided all projected video content for designers and brands at LAFW.

“Bringing Brandwood & Vixi on board for the 2018 spring LA Fashion Week event provided our audience with engaging branded content and supported our brand’s overall growth strategy.  As we continue to push LAFW forward in the coming years, it will be partly because of efforts of partners like these that will help us innovate and expand our reach.” Said Arthur Chipman, Executive Producer of Vixi.

Working with our partner technology company, Vixi, displayed brand and event content driven by social interactions.  Vixi also provided real-time tracking of social media engagements, helping drive LA Fashion Week’s official hashtag, #LAFW, to some impressive social stats, with an overall reach of 50,000,000 and social impressions of 75,000,000.

“We pushed our software to new heights at LAFW, going from just providing social display in between designers to programming 100% of the events video & social production, including during the designer showcases themselves. In addition, our on-site collaborations with Brandwood Global to support the official LAFW app helped drive overall interactions within the app both at the event and through the event’s live stream.” Said Tony Rago, Product Manager of Vixi.

Brandwood Global and Vixi plan to continue working together across sports entertainment, music venues and e-sports, to bring this cutting-edge technology to the forefront of how events can capture new revenue and build audience engagements.


Brandwood Global, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based entertainment technology company focused on branded entertainment.  Brandwood Global created the first online marketplace for product placement and branded entertainment deals, matching brands to creatives and personalities.  Brandingo is the innovative mobile SDK which brings real time ROI through engagement from audience purchases in broadcast and live events, while delivering gamification and social media amplification to clients. Formed in 2015 by Hollywood industry veterans, Stephanie Weier and Larry Weier, who have worked for 45 years combined in the Hollywood branding and product placement industry.

Vixi is a Patent Pending Social Broadcast Platform built utilizing a real-time gaming engine, powering socially driven digital displays and activations.  The platform is built around sponsor and brand integration so that the entire display can be monetized. Vixi has provided social content and broadcast display at some of the largest events on the planet, including Super Bowl 52, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, NFL Draft, and more.

If you would like more information about Brandwood Global / Brandingo, please contact Stephanie Weier at 424-205-1442 or email at info@brandwoodglobal.com.  If you would like more information on Vixi, please contact Tony Rago at 630-235-9828 or email tony@govixi.com.

Stephanie Weier (Brandwood Global)

Tony Rago (VIXI)

BrandwoodGlobal.com / GoVixi.com

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