Small to medium size businesses now has a client engagement software that helps with retention and excellent client relations.

Redondo Beach, CA: StartingPoint Technologies today announced the release of its new client engagement software for small to medium sized companies and teams to securely increase client engagement and streamline workflow. StartingPoint is developed for companies and teams between 2 to 30 employees. These companies and teams value effective and simple software that makes their lives easier and allows their customers and easy way to communicate with their company. StartingPoint is also important at this current time due to COVID-19 and the transforming work environment. More employees are remote. More teams are distributed. SMBs do not have tools that easily solve these challenges and StartingPoint is the solution.

“StartingPoint was developed through our experience with service providers and challenges SMBs have to compete with larger companies. Smaller companies and teams do not have the technology available to provide great client service and engagement. We help SMBs level the playing field, compete, and solve their most pressing challenges.” ~Ray McKenzie, StartingPoint Founder & CEO

57% of SMBs believe remote work will continue after COVID-19 and business continuity and efficiency needs to remain.

“The digital transformation of SMBs has been accelerated due to the world changing in front of us. We, at StartingPoint, are developing secure solutions for SMBs to manage their brand, clients, customers, and improve efficient workflow.” ~Ray McKenzie, Starting Point Founder & CEO

StartingPoint had their soft-launch in May 2020 and is now available for the general public at $50/month for this first release. For more information on the product, visit .

For more information on StartingPoint, contact Ray McKenzie at or (424) 218-6353

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