Even before COVID-19, this author served as an expert for diagnosing and treating fear, detailed in this literary piece.

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 2, 2020 – Although change is inevitable and constant, it can
cause people to display a large amount of fear. Fear, defined as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat”
can run your life if left unchecked. Currently, it is running our personal and
professional decisions along with those of our government decision-makers. Everything
that we are currently going through is detailed in Understanding Fear.

Regarding Covid-19 shutdown, the longer the shutdown lasts, the more fear seeps into the lives of people. It is essential for the economy to reopen quickly to fend off fear. The greatest fears always have to do with jobs, careers, and livelihood. This shutdown is the perfect storm for the elusive element of fear.
~Varant Majarian

Varant Majarian is an Armenian American author, speaker, and publisher along with
being a business owner. This first-hand knowledge of what a fear-driven Covid-1
response can do to a business is not lost on Mr. Majarian. Along with being an
entrepreneur, he has also been an active member of his community serving on the
Encino Community Council, playing an important part of the information and
recommendations being disseminated to City Council. Varant, in his writings clearly
displays that when fear enters a situation, logic and common sense sometimes escapes.
Along with being a business owner, he coaches individuals on earning residual income
and speaks on self-development without fear and emotion, but with more drive and
resilience, which is what many need to successfully get through these times of the
Covid Crisis.

This important read helps to calm emotions and redirect decisions and actions through
thoughtfulness, logic, responsibility, and reason. Understanding Fear is a guide that
examines the art of living deeply without concern and fear about losing things like your job, your spouse, and decreased self-esteem. Varant Majarian provides real examples to apply to this real scenario that we are currently experiencing.

Understanding Fear, was published through Trafford Publishing and can be purchased
on Amazon and Barnes & Noble along with various other online outlets. The author,
Varant Majarian is available to speak and hold events to increase awareness, calm
nerves, and refocus minds away from fears and back to solutions and actions.

Varant Majarian, Majarian Publishing
(818) 521-7845


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