If you are not an extrovert, here are 5 reasons to get one as your publicist to help you grow your business.


  1. They love to talk. They don’t just talk to their friends and family, they talk to co-workers, peers, strangers, and anybody willing to listen and answer questions. Extroverts tend to have a large social circle which extends their sphere of influence. Some people may call them resources. ? And who can’t use more resources?


  1. They are problem solvers. The typical extrovert will not leave a situation unresolved. They want to talk through the issue to find the fix. They may ask a thousand questions but to your benefit, it is to find the glitch in the program. Every problem has a solution. Leave it to a bigmouth to keep the inquiry open until there is a conclusion.


  1. The typical extrovert is an enthusiast. They have never met a networking opportunity or social event that they didn’t love and thrive in. They will never look bored, always engaged and making the most of each connection possibility in the room. Not only do they make connections for themselves, they connect others. Expanding influence and creating value for the company as an assert is second nature.


  1. The art of expression is a bigmouth’s claim to fame. They don’t just talk or write, they express authentic emotion that pulls you into them no matter what they are talking or writing about. The audience wants to hear what they have to say or read what they are writing because it comes with so much emotion. Passion is wrapped in every word, even with the most insignificant subjects. There is feeling in everything. This works best when sending media pitches, blogs and interviews.


  1. Rapid response makes a bigmouth extrovert your best weapon. When working to get media coverage and grow your influence and brand awareness, you need somebody that is not afraid to speak up on your behalf. Self-promotion is a difficult art-form. You try to stay humble while touting your greatness. That’s not easy for introverts. It can be very uncomfortable. The great thing for you is that there are professionals that relish the opportunity to exploit your greatness for media gain and other accolades. An extrovert will be your biggest cheerleader. They love to answer the question, complete the sentence and expound on ideas. You can bet that they will never leave a reporter waiting, a meeting missed or an interview skipped. Extroverts are here for all of it and happy to do it. Many times, you will find them working hard to secure the story just to be able to have the opportunity to get the follow-up call.


Once you decide that you could possibly use some media coverage and creative marketing to grow your business, don’t just grab anybody. Bring somebody into your business that can bring you out of your comfort zone and make a real difference. It is so much easier to expand your brand and increase your profits when you have a big mouth by your side.





Tonya McKenzie, owner and principal consultant of a public relations firm specializing in working with nonfiction authors, speakers and entrepreneurs, Sand & Shores PR (www.sandandshores.com), based in Los Angeles, CA. Contact her at tmckenzie@sandandshores.com


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