Nonprofits & Civic Organizations: Why the end-of-the-year is the perfect time to launch a PR campaign

As the year draws to a close, many people are considering making last-minute donations to charities and causes to maximize their tax write-offs. At the same time, nonprofit executive directors and their teams are finalizing their events calendar for the upcoming year. Nonprofit and civic organizations are also thinking about ways to increase public awareness of their work and the impact they’re making. That’s why it’s always a good time for nonprofits to implement a strong public relations strategy, and an end-of-year campaign can be especially beneficial.

  • Increased brand awareness: The end of the year is a time when people are more likely to be thinking about giving back to their communities. By increasing your brand awareness during this time, you can attract new donors, volunteers, and partners.
  • Increased donations: The end of the year is also a time when people are more likely to donate to charity. By highlighting your organization’s work and impact during this time, you can encourage people to give to your cause.
  • Improved reputation: Public relations can help to improve your organization’s reputation and credibility. By generating positive media coverage, you can show the public that your organization is trustworthy and making a real difference in the world.
  • Increased volunteerism: The end of the year is a time when people are more likely to be looking for volunteer opportunities. By promoting your organization’s volunteer opportunities during this time, you can attract new volunteers to help you achieve your mission.
  • Enhanced partnerships: Public relations can help you to build relationships with other organizations and businesses. By partnering with other organizations, you can expand your reach and impact.

Here are some specific end-of-year public relations strategies and activities that nonprofits can use to move the needle for their organization:

  • Share your organization’s impact stories on social media. These stories can help to connect with potential donors and volunteers.
  • Hold a fundraising event. The end of the year is a popular time for fundraising events.
  • Launch a year-end appeal. This is a direct mail or email campaign that asks for donations from your supporters.
  • Offer a matching gift challenge. This is a way to encourage people to donate to your organization by matching their donations with additional funding. The best way to start the new year is by ending the current year strong. By implementing these strategies, nonprofits can make the most of the end-of-year giving season and achieve their goals.

Don’t wait. Make every day count. Continue to take steps toward your fiscal goals. Engage with a PR professional and take action. Happy Holidays.

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